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Organization Recognition Process

Active Status Requirements

To achieve active status as an organization at UC Merced, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • An organization must register with the Office of Student Involvement annually
  • An organization must have a minimun of 4 officers at all times
  • An organization must have an advisor; Staff, Faculty or a grad student can assume the role of advisor(s) with their permission
  • Organization officers must complete all 4 trainings
  • All organizations will be required to complete the Transition Success and End of Year Report

Registered Clubs & Organizations can continously check their 2023-2024 status here (RCO TRACKER).

Fraternities and Sororities can continuously check their 2023-2024 status here (FSL TRACKER)..


Failure to complete all RCO/FSL Requirements will result in an inactive status which includes the inability to:

  • Not be able to participate in any campus-wide events, whether it is on campus, off campus, or virtually.
  • Not be able to participate in formal and informal recruitment. (Fraternity & Sorority organizations only)
  • Hold any social or philanthropic events on and off campus under organization name.
  • Not be able to use any campus space for organization meetings, events, and other gatherings.
  • Be recognized or endorsed as a campus organization by Office of Student Involvement.
  • Not be able to any receive any recognition for awards for the 2024-2025 academic year

In order to regain active status and to be recognized as a campus organization, organizations will need the following:

  • All past requirements must be completed.
  • The organization will be reviewed by Office of Student Involvement